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Truth or Consequences

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

It has always amazed me how gullible we can be, from the least of us to the very elect. To be gullible means to be easily persuaded to believe in something. And that something may or may not be true. I see it in the blatant attitude that seems to be taking hold of the world by its horns lately. The violent, inordinate commotion that is railroading the most vulnerable and doing its best to eradicate all that is good and hopeful in our lives. This manipulativeness seems to exist in the name of the God they worship—greed, lust, gluttony, wrath, envy, sloth, and pride—all demons invented by some force contrary to the Creator of all humankind. And the majority get onboard out of futility or because they have no idea that a gaping hole exists further down the track.

This problematic gullibility then wedges its foot inside our doors, spreads the frenzy, and latches on to even those who profess to possess a high, moral compass. They begin to credit those screaming for justice and equity when they need to open their eyes and ears to what is truly going on. They need to recognize the twists and hidden agendas at the very foundation of those who would stir our hearts to accept the evil to which they bow down. And once our heart allows even a smidgeon of the false realities to adhere, we can’t help but become tainted to the genuine truths of brotherly kindness, tolerance, love, and especially a wiser and higher law given to us from the beginning of time for the benefit of man.

We are judges of ourselves, standing before the ultimate mediator who will mete out our final destination when this earth winds up to its conclusion. And although we use our agency to determine how we view life and our fellowman around us, we cannot decide and control the consequences of our behaviors and where they will take us. Our becoming leads us down a particular path. Only a charitable and repentant determination within ourselves and a willingness to listen and obey to He who is responsible for our being a part of the world can turn us away from our acceptance of these errant paths.

What is our recourse? I’m not sure that anything can be done now, except to stand in holy places and be not moved. But all reason suggests that the sanity of the world will get worse before it gets better. The chaos has spread into every nation, tongue, and people, just like the COVID-19 epidemic has done. The healing glitters painfully out of reach in some distant, inaccessible place we can only long for in the farthest reaches of our imaginations.

The next best solution is to prepare ourselves for the fallout. Hope for a time when the true and living God will save those who heed his words. It’s the only hope for us all as we stand in the midst of a fallen and unapologetic society. It is our only chance of survival.

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